So we have had this idea for a long time, to have a blog about everything skateboarding in The KC area. A list of kc skatespots or potential skatespots, some may be on the top secret side and you will have to find them and some will be public. Skateparks, Build your own spots, and natural street spots. If people skate it in the area we want pics for it. If you want to keep the location on the DL don't include the location just put the city. Also promote skate events; demos, contests, fundraisers parties anything and everything skate related. This is for everyone kids, adults, hesh to Fresh whoever. Get out there and kill it on the streets.

Friday, January 22, 2010

LA high times

So here is the play by play of the last 18 hrs, so we skated the Etnies TF with Davis, Ernie, Malto and some other random dudes who shoed up, ie Theotis, Louis Lopez, Figgy and bros,  Then we went to Maltos Shoe relace party and racked up $6,600 tab ashton seamed bummed.  Free beers, free sushi, free sake and every pro know to man was there.  Then on the way out Malto says do you guys want to go to the fantasy factory??? um trick question... fuck yes.  We watched mikey try 100 backflips on a bike, RP tried Front flips on a board, and we played frisby and basket ball with the random party goers.   They we went to a taco stand at 2 am ate and passes out or blacked out (lovell) at davis's. They I woke up to RP getting a phone call from the Boss (Andrew Reynolds) Calling RP so he could pick him up to go to deathwish for a photo shoot and to hang out.  And now the rest of us are deciding should we skate at girl today or drive to SD stay with ernie and Skate the black box park (zero).  maybe the most epic shit ever.  I wish everyone was here for the ride.