So we have had this idea for a long time, to have a blog about everything skateboarding in The KC area. A list of kc skatespots or potential skatespots, some may be on the top secret side and you will have to find them and some will be public. Skateparks, Build your own spots, and natural street spots. If people skate it in the area we want pics for it. If you want to keep the location on the DL don't include the location just put the city. Also promote skate events; demos, contests, fundraisers parties anything and everything skate related. This is for everyone kids, adults, hesh to Fresh whoever. Get out there and kill it on the streets.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hobo quarters RIP

So the Hobo quarters in the west bottoms are gone, they were under the 12th street bridge next to the train tracks.  Big Jim Arnett and his boys built them and they were so fun.  There is one trick on them that made the new Zero Strange World Video that comes out around Dec 6th or so check it out.